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An agency devoted to bringing award-winning children’s authors and illustrators to you through school and library visits, conferences and festivals, and special events.

It is our goal to make your events spectacular. To take the hassle out of the event planning. To create an environment where authors and illustrators do what they do best, inspire.

“If you touch the heart with one book, it can transform a life.” — Allan Bloom, American Philosopher

Happy Book Birthday to a Bunny and a Marcher

Two new books debut on shelves today thanks to The Booking Biz clients—Cynthia Levinson‘s THE YOUNGEST MARCHER and Ammi-Joan Paquette‘s BUNNY BUS. Inspired by Cynthia’s earlier non-fiction book WE’VE GOT A JOB, THE YOUNGEST MARCHER tells the story of young civil rights activist Audrey Faye Hendricks. At 9 years old, Audrey was the youngest of […]