Dianne de Las Casas

Dianne de Las Casas is an award-winning author, a storyteller, the vice president and editor-in-chief for Write Hook Media, LLC, a radio show host, and the founder of Picture Book Month. Her performances, dubbed “revved-up storytelling” are full of energetic audience participation. The author of 28 books, Dianne was the first International Reading Association LEADER Poet Laureate, and the recipient of the Ann Martin Book Mark award. Her children’s titles include the upcoming Captain Deadeye: The Bully Shark chapter book co-authored with John Couret and illustrated by Stefan Jolet, the upcoming The Cajun Cornbread Boy and The Buttermilk Biscuit Girl, which is a sequel to The Cajun Cornbread Boy, There’s a Dragon in the Library, The Little “Read” Hen, and Cinderellaphant. She is the proud mom of 16-year-old culinary celebrity, Kid Chef Eliana.

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Instagram & Twitter: @AuthorDianneDLC


Availability and Honorariums

  • $1500 Full day
  • $300/425/550 45-min Skype session
  • Additional $500 add-on fee for Literacy Night, Book Fair, or PTA Presentation
  • Professional Development teacher in-service $500 for 90 to 120 minutes