Cover Reveal! Sarah Aronson’s The Wish List Book 2

Our client Sarah Aronson‘s newest book series just launched this week with THE WISH LIST: THE WORST FAIRY GODMOTHER EVER! And we’re already excited for the second book in the series.

That’s why, when Sarah said she had the cover for THE WISH LIST book 2, we were thrilled to reveal it. Luckily, Sarah even let us in on her thoughts for this series and how to best celebrate it’s launch…

Sarah Aronson
Sarah Aronson

Question: What is the best way to celebrate the release of the first book in your first series ever?

Answer: How about a cover reveal for Book Two?

Writing THE WISH LIST #1: THE WORST FAIRY GODMOTHER EVER! was sort of a dream come true! Getting to know Isabelle was so much fun! Thinking about the fairy godmother and regular worlds made me happy. I couldn’t wait to dig in to Isabelle’s second level of training.

In Book Two, THE WISH LIST: KEEP CALM AND SPARKLE ON!, I started thinking about my memories of being a student. For me, transitions were the worst! At the beginning of every year (and after every vacation), I felt nervous . . . about new teachers and new responsibilities and even where I was supposed to sit. It felt like the second I caught on, everything changed! I felt intensely disloyal getting settled into a new classroom, even when I was making new friends.

So Isabelle enters Level Two just the way I started fourth grade: nervous, scared, and excited. She also has a secret. And she still isn’t really prepared—just like I used to, she has a hard time focusing! She still feels loyal to Nora, her first practice princess.

Also, as you can tell from the cover, Isabelle’s classmate, Angelica, is very important. And there’s a gnarly tree!

With Book Two, I hope to talk with readers about issues of loyalty—what it means—and what it feels like for friends when things change and your loyalty becomes divided or confusing. And of course, I love talking about the process of writing. (Writing a series has taught me a lot!) Last, I hope to continue to talk with readers about the power of wishes, happiness, and what we can do right now to make the world a better place. (That’s what I call sharing the sparkle!) It’s that drive that connected me to these characters and story. It’s what I can’t wait to get back to in Books Three and Four!

We can’t wait either! Here’s the cover for Book Two in Sarah Aronson‘s THE WISH LIST series:

The WIsh List Book Two